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Here is a selection of recent mentions of WHS in the press:

16 June 2018: Head Jane Lunnon appeals for the government to undertake research into the effect of social media apps on children, in a piece that nevertheless highlights the educational advantages of using technology in the Telegraph.

31 May 2018: The importance of girls’ schools in our sexualised online world - letter by Jane Lunnon to The Economist.

27 May 2018: Pupils’ exam angst eased by ‘Crystal Maze’ puzzles - an article around the new 11+ testing at Wimbledon High School in The Sunday Times.

17 May 2018: The importance of investment in arts education - letter by Jane Lunnon to The Times, in response to the article Children are being turned into mini-robots...

17 April 2018: Shattering the stereotype of the snowflake generation - Fionnuala Kennedy in We are the City

11 April 2018: The five ways every teacher can ensure they're taking a proactive approach to pupil wellbeing - Fionnuala Kennedy gives advice in an article for the TES

1 March 2018: The transformational power of sport - Louise Gordon considers how sport in school can aid learning in and off the pitch, in Independent Education Today.

1 February 2018: Embracing #JOMO and a reminder of our Golden Digital Rules - Jane Lunnon and Fionnuala Kennedy in the Evening Standard

26 January 2018: Amid commentary about the mental health crisis in young people, some suggestions of how schools can help, in the TES 

20 November 2017: Deputy Head Fionnuala Kennedy on encouraging students to switch off social media and #JOMO - the joy of missing out in TES

22 October 2017: Jane Lunnon and her twin sister (and fellow Head teacher) Jenny Brown on sibling rivalry and their hopes for girls' education in Relative Values in the Sunday Times magazine.

27 September 2017: Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover, legendary footballer Frank Lampard and Head Jane Lunnon talk about the importance of encouraging teenage girls in sport prior to Wimbledon High's Girls Go Gold event in the Evening Standard

18 September 2017: Wimbledon High teacher, ATL rep and educational speaker & trainer Emma Gleadhill offers tips on improving well-being for both staff and students in the NEU Independent Schools Magazine.

18 September 2017: Don't call chocolate a 'treat', avoid weighing yourself in front of the kids and NEVER use the D-word - Fionnuala Kennedy is quoted in The Daily Mail.

5 September 2017: An article by Jane Lunnon criticising 2017's A Level reforms in The Times

5 September 2017: Teachers are right to warn parents to watch what they say about body image - Natasha Devon support's Fionnuala Kennedy's stance in the TES.

3 September 2017: Toughest GCSE and A Level exams penalise brightest. Jane Lunnon quoted in The Sunday Times.

1 September 2017: Are mums putting their daughters at risk of eating disorders by talking about diets? Fionnuala Kennedy is quoted in,  Premier Christianity and Good to Know.

30 August 2017: Don't talk about diets in front of your daughters. Deputy Head, Fionnuala Kennedy, shares her thoughts on the pressures on teenage girls in The Evening Standard.

25th August 2017: Top GCSE grades achieved despite harder exams and grading system in The Guardian, This Is Local London and The Borehamwood Times.

18th August 2017: Smiling faces after A Level result success in Wimbledon Guardian, This Is Local London and The Borehamwood Times.

14 August 2017: Why it's important to say 'no' to children - Jane Lunnon on encouraging independence. Red online

19 May 2017: Are pushy parents a health risk? Smartphone apps risk stripping children of their independence says Jane Lunnon quoted in Red online.

8 May 2017: For Mental Health Awareness Week this article in Independent School Parent discusses the importance of running a holistic pastoral care programme.

30 March 2017: 'Because I am a girl' Hundreds walk from Wimbledon High School for women's rights. Wimbledon Guardian.

4 March 2017: Too cool for school? Girls embrace the idea of being clever clogs. The Times and its Leader column that day.

1 March 2017: A weight off their minds - quoted in an article on mental health. Independent School Parent. 

8 October 2016: How to protect our daughters' mental wellbeing. Guardian.

5 October 2016: Girls encouraged to look to Shakespeare's women to learn how to be resourceful and resilient. Guardian. 

15 Sept 2016: Oxford University separates 'helicopter' parents from children at open days, quotes Jane Lunnon. Telegraph 

8 Sept 2016: True Grit - navigating the adolescent years. Article by Jane Lunnon in The Week.

23rd June 2016: Jane Lunnon appeals to parents to let their children grow and flourish in a digital age - in the Telegraph

8th June 2016: Helping to deal with difficult friendships - Jane Lunnon and the school quoted in the Telegraph

2nd May 2016: WHS Fun Run and Because I'm a Girl charity walk for Plan UK in the Wimbledon Guardian

23rd April 2016 - Shakespeare, cette obsession britannique: Head of English Suzy Pett and Deputy Head Fionnuala Kennedy were quoted in Le Temps

March - April 2016 - 'Toxic' Friendships. As part of our 'Fail Better' week, we held seminars on failing friendships:

1st April 2016 - Digital habits, quoting a survey of our parents and students in the Times

6 January 2016 - Girls don't need boys in order to be confident

Jane Lunnon wrote an article in the Telegraph in response to the idea that girls gained more confidence when taught in a co-educational environment. 

4 September 2015 - Britain's exam boards must stop writing famous women out of the school curriculum.
Jane Lunnon was quoted in an article in the Telegraph by GDST CEO Helen Fraser on the need for more women to be included in the exam curriculum.

29 March 2015 - Head teachers give their top tips for revision season
Jane Lunnon gave revision tips pre-exam season in the Telegraph

24 March 2015 - Girls' schools are not inevitably 'bitchy' places
Jane Lunnon refuted the stereotype of girls being unkind to each other in all-girls' schools in an article in the Telegraph

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