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Entry to Wimbledon High School is by assessment. The main entry points to the Junior and Senior Schools are below, although as families may relocate out of London or the UK for work reasons, we do have occasional vacancies in other years.

If you are considering changing schools for GCSE or A level, take a look at our results and ask a member of our Admissions team our about Year 10 or Year 12 entry.

Junior School
Reception (4+)
Year 3 (7+)

Senior School
Year 7 (11+) 

Sixth Form 
Year 12 (16+)

The registration fee is £110, or £175 for those sitting the assessments overseas.
We have 100% bursaries available at 11+ and 16+ and a number of scholarships.

Please contact the Junior admissions secretary if you have an enquiry about Junior School entry or the Senior admissions secretary for any enquiries about the Senior School. For Sixth Form, please contact our Registrar.

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