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Salmond to announce date for
Scottish referendum

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond is to reveal the date of the Scottish referendum later today.

This referendum, which will only affect those living in Scotland, is expected to take place in autumn 2014. Delay in releasing the date has sparked criticism over Scotland being kept ‘in the dark’.

Voters will be asked the yes/no question, “Should Scotland be an independent country?”


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Wimbledon High School votes
Hunger Games as best book

On Thursday 7th March 2013, World Book Day commenced and Wimbledon High School undertook a poll of students and staff, aiming to discover which novel or memoir had captured readers the most.

The outcome of the votes made it evident that The Hunger Games by Susan Collins is the most popular, followed by The Help by Katherine Stockett and lastly the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling.


 Students at Wimbledon High celebrate World Book Day

Is the food we eat changing throughout the world?

The horse meat scandals have shown how sensitive the UK is about their food, but do people mind what they eat, and do they welcome new food?

In Israel at the moment, a locust swarm has hit areas near the Red Sea; locals are using locusts as a source of free food. But would the UK be as welcome as Israel to the aspect of eating new things?


World Book Day video

World Book Day @ Wimbledon High

Izzy in Year 8 went out and about in Wimbledon High School on World Book Day, when students and staff across the whole school dressed up as their favourite book characters and voted on their favourite books of all time.