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A firebird has landed in the classroom! Why has it come here? Where will it lead us?

Life in our Junior School has often been full of such excitement since we introduced our creative curriculum. Year 2, in this case, will unearth the mythologies surrounding fire, and will discover something new about science, the arts, history and geography under this theme. What is the firebird and where has he come from? What are myths and what is fact?

We tap into children’s natural curiosity and creativity, encouraging their imaginations to flow and their descriptions of what they are experiencing to become ever more elaborate. This, alongside teaching core skills of numeracy and literacy, brings outstanding academic achievement and, just as importantly, a joy of learning that will be with Wimbledon High girls for life.

An education here brings the opportunity for music, art, dance, sports and a whole host of enriching co-curricular activities, with girls enjoying the use of our whole school facilities. A selective school, we assess girls for entry into Reception and Year 3. Take a look around the site and do arrange to come and visit us.

Kate Mitchell
Head of Juniors

Kate Mitchell is retiring at the end of the academic year 2018-2019 after 16 years as Head of our Junior School. The school will advise on these pages once a successor has been appointed.

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