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We have already developed strong Educational partnerships with the following schools in Merton: St Boniface, St Matthews, Lonesome, West Wimbledon, Ricards Lodge, Burntwood, Pelham Primary, Ursuline, Linden Lodge and Perseid School.

Our ‘Teach Together’ programme collaborates with both state primary and secondary schools in Merton. We have over 120 students and 12 staff who plan and then deliver on a specific subject on a weekly basis.  As the ISSP is no longer funded by the government, WHS have adopted a self-sustaining model within the Teach Together programme and have funded the continued development of Science provision and support with two of our primary partners. In addition to this, the Teach Together programme offers support in English, Maths, Spanish, French, Art and Latin to both SEND and the gifted and talented students across a range of ages. In some cases, the delivery of subjects by WHS staff and students is the only access a school will have to that subject.

‘Physics Partners’ works with local state schools, including Ricards Lodge, Ursuline and Raynes Park High and is a CPD programme which aims to share good practice and support those schools that do not have Physics specialists teaching Physics. These schools meet half termly to deliver and share ideas.