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Our SHINE programme is now in its third year and is extremely successful.

It provides ten Saturday mornings of creative and academic subjects to Year 4 boys and girls who are high achieving students or who might be at risk of underachieving due to their unique family circumstances. It will ultimately stimulate further curiosity, boost self-esteem and improve attainment.

The programme takes place on site at WHS and the theme is ‘Reach for the Stars’. Twenty five of the WHS Year 12 students mentor the Year 4 children on a weekly basis. The sessions are led by Wimbledon High staff and cover activities such as Baking, History, Dance, Art and Swimming. The project offers the Year 4 boys and girls the chance to mix with students of a similar ability from other schools. We have established good relationships with our partner schools, which is of mutual benefit to both school communities.

We believe that our students benefit from appreciating how privileged they are whilst supporting others. During 2018-2019 we plan to arrange a further programme that will continue the mentoring system as these children move into Year 5.

The tenth week of the SHINE programme brings together parents, teachers and mentors and sees the mentors talk about their mentees before giving them a memento of their time at Wimbledon.