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Visitors to WHS often comment on the outstanding art on display. Young artists are nurtured and encouraged and every year a number go on from Sixth Form studies to do an Art Foundation course.

To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there's no such thing as perfect - Alexander Calder

Key Stage 3

In Years 7-9 there is a focus on the basic visual vocabulary that students will need in order to express themselves and their ideas. They are taught about the basic elements in Art and learn many different ways of recording, experimenting, looking and seeing. Visits are integral and we make good use of the many galleries and museums on London’s doorstep. Our Year 7s visit the British Museum as the starting point for a printmaking project; Year 8 visit Kew Gardens on a joint Geography/Art project as the starting point for the creation of stencils; Year 9 visit Tate Britain. The department believes that enjoyment and confidence are key elements when helping students to achieve their potential in art.


We offer GCSE Fine art, Edexcel board.

Current Year 10 followed the themes ‘Scale and depth’ and ‘Reflections and distortions’.

Current year 11 followed the theme ‘Journeys’ and the externally set assignment theme was ‘Apart and or together’. They explore a broad range of different techniques including monotype printing, stitch, paint, ink, collage to name but a few. Year 10 visited the national Portrait gallery and Year 11 visited Tate Britain. During GCSE and A Level studies, students are encourage to work increasingly independently and diversely, which lead to them creating highly original and individual outcomes.


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Enrichment opportunities

Students from all year groups work alongside each other at the lunchtime workshops which run 4 lunchtimes a week. They are encouraged to try a new way of working, following activity sheets that we have designed or they may wish to extend what they have been doing in the Art lessons, complete homework or prepare work for a competition.

The department runs enrichment classes in Life drawing and Printmaking which are attended by art students and non-art students from Years 11, 12 and 13. Global perspectives lessons explore contemporary and controversial Art.

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