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Biology is a very popular subject in the school, taught by four enthusiastic, creative and well qualified teachers in 3 fabulous labs including a greenhouse. Girls love asking questions, getting involved and partaking in our biennial biological expeditions to Borneo, Costa Rica and other exciting destinations.

Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind - Jeffrey Eugenides

At Key Stage 3 we follow a bespoke combined science course, designed to engender an enthusiasm for the physical, chemical and living world.  Lessons are heavily practical based with an emphasis on developing the skills required to be an outstanding scientist.  The unifying themes of energy, building blocks and investigation are covered along with an introduction to the three main disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Biology IGSCE 

We follow the Edexcel IGCSE Biology course, which is a stimulating, inspiring and thought-provoking programme of study and an excellent preparation for A Level Biology. In Year 9 we carry out ecological investigations on a day trip and we previously have been to Box Hill, Wakehurst and Juniper Hall. We’ve also taken students London Zoo, to  extend and support the IGCSE Biology course by considering animals in their environment, how the zoo attempts to replicate this and the role of the modern zoo in the conservation and protection of endangered animals. 

Biology A Level

We follow the brand new AQA A Level Biology course, a two year course and we study a total of eight topics in the specification:

  • Biological molecules
  • Cells
  • Organisms exchange substances with their environment
  • Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms
  • Energy transfers in and between organisms
  • Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
  • Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
  • The control of gene expression

The compulsory Residential Field trip to the Isle of Wight usually takes place in June of Year 12 after school exams, where students complete several tasks at the Medina Valley Centre. This is a very successful field trip, giving the opportunity to learn and gain ecological skills in different ecosystems.

Co-curricular and enrichment opportunities

We run Creative Science Club, STEM Girls club, Biomedical Society and girls can work towards the CREST science awards. As well as day trips and residential trips closer to home, we offer a biennial expedition with a Biology focus; in July 2018 we will be going to Sri Lanka. 

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