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Chemistry is a fun and exciting subject for all year groups and is the most popular Science at A level. It is taught by four well-qualified and enthusiastic teachers. We cover everything the whole spectrum from biochemistry to nanomaterials and everything in between. Our girls regularly share their love of Science by participating in Science shows such as the Liquid Nitrogen show and Chemistry Spectacular.

Chemistry is like cooking (just don’t lick the spoon!)

At Key Stage 3 we follow a bespoke combined science course, designed to engender an enthusiasm for the physical, chemical and living world.  Lessons are heavily practical based with an emphasis on developing the skills required to be an outstanding scientist.  The unifying themes of energy, building blocks and investigation are covered along with an introduction to the three main disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

IGCSE Chemistry

Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry is a stimulating and challenging course which provides an excellent basis for A level study. We focus on bringing Chemistry to life with extensive practical work, both hands on student practical and exciting teacher demonstrations. During Year 10 students attend the GCSE Science Live! Festival in London and hear speakers such as Professor Robert Winston and Dr Simon Singh talk engagingly about their respective fields.

Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organising our curiosity - Tim Minchin

Chemistry A Level

We follow the AQA Chemistry fully linear course, with assessment being on a terminal exam at the end of 2 years. We study the Chemistry of the chemical elements, the structure of atoms, the Biochemistry of anti-cancer drugs and the principles that underline how fast reactions happen to name a few. With the removal of exams at the end of Year 12, this will give us more time for reading material onto University level and extended practical sessions.

Co-curricular and Enrichment opportunities

We run a Science Club and the Crest Award scheme for Key Stage 3 students, STEM Girls and Chemistry Society. Every year we hold a Chemistry week, inviting specialists in their field to come and inspire our students.  All A level students are encouraged to attend and take part in Scientific Society, where we discuss topics such as the chemistry of poisons, how chameleons change colour and how 3D printing may help solve the organ donation crisis. We are very active on Twitter - posing lots of questions for students to answer!

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