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Students in Years 7 to 9 enjoy regular drama lessons and it is an option for GCSE. We also offer Theatre Studies at A Level.

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong - Joseph Chilton Pearce

This subject offers an exciting and different challenge. At GCSE, in addition to learning about acting, directing and the design elements of theatre, you will re ect on the value and potential of the Arts in our society and develop a wide range of vital skills such:

  • Leadership and teamwork: negotiation and effective communication;
  • Releasing creativity: being prepared to explore physically and intellectually;
  • Improvisation: responding to challenges and learning to be exible;
  • Time management: planning carefully for a successful outcome.

As you will realise from the above, to be successful at this level in Drama it is crucial
to enjoy working with others; the achievement of each individual depends more than anything on how well the members of a group work together. On this course, you will be encouraged to improve and develop your performance skills with particular focus on physical and vocal techniques, through improvised drama and also scripted work. Being able to share and explore your thoughts and feelings about important issues facing society today will be important when you are called upon to devise an original piece of theatre. Producing a play for performance is an exhilarating - often dif cult - process and you should understand that this can be a mentally, physically and emotionally demanding subject.

It is often surprising to the students taking GCSE Drama, just how much they are required to engage with so many of the many challenges facing society in this moment – politically, socially and economically. The academic ability of the students at WHS is well known, but to achieve in any subject at A level and be competitive for the best Universities it is vital that you engage with the more difficult questions and dilemmas facing society, and reflect on who has the power to make a difference. The Drama department pushes you to engage with these issues. Another aspect of Drama which students nd challenging but ultimately satisfying is the way they have to ‘own’ their work. We teach, supervise and support but ultimately in Drama, you learn to take responsibility for managing your time and level of commitment: a crucial part of your preparation for success in any subject at A level.

Drama GCSE provides the obvious foundation for taking A Level Theatre Studies, but clearly helps you become confident and effective in many other areas of your life.

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