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„Wer auf andere Leute wirken will, der muss erst einmal in ihrer Sprache mit ihnen reden.“ Kurt Tucholsky

Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, weiß nichts von seiner eigenen -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

German is a vibrant and dynamic subject here at Wimbledon. Pupils have the opportunity to study German as a second foreign language from Year 7 and many continue with the subject to IGCSE and beyond. Our students sit the Edexcel IGCSE and A Level courses and year on year the department has excellent results. Time and again, our pupils and parents discover how beneficial it is to become proficient in German, not only because it deepens your understanding of the rich cultural heritage of German-speaking countries, but also because it is such a valuable complementary skill in the areas of economics, science, politics, engineering and law. German remains the language most in demand by British industry today and many of our pupils have benefited from entry into combined university courses, overseas bursaries as well as interesting career opportunities.

The Department offers a curriculum which aims to give students both a firm grounding in grammar as well as the confidence to converse and to write creatively. The attempt to offer insight into the German-speaking world informs all our teaching – be it through Grimm’s fairy-tales or study of environmental or social issues. We use a very wide range of traditional as well as electronic resources to make the learning varied and fun. We offer ample opportunities for enhancement through our co-curricular programme. Students in Years 11-13 have weekly sessions with our assistant who comes to us from Tübingen University.

Students have the opportunity to attend film, reading or drama clubs and we maintain a strong relationship with the Goethe Institut in London. Our Sixth Formers are given the opportunity to attend German study days at universities and institutes and we always aim to pursue any culturally interesting trip opportunities to enhance students’ insight into the German-speaking world. Recently, students have celebrated 25 years since the German Reunification and produced a celebratory broadcast. Senior students attended a Mind Matters lecture on gender attitudes in the Grimms’ fairy tales. In the summer, Sixth Formers and Y10 will be undertaking a trip to Berlin where they will learn about the fascinating history of the city and attend language courses. 

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