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In year 8 Latin we go back in time to Pompeii in AD79 and follow the fortunes of the wheeler-dealer Caecilius and his family in the months before Mount Vesuvius tragically erupted, destroying the city.

In year 9, we move to Roman Britain and then Egypt, following Caecilius’ son, Quintus, who survived the eruption of Vesuvius. As well as studying the Latin language, you will find out about many different aspects of Greek, Roman, Romano-British and ancient Egyptian culture and history and will be able to explain exactly why ‘The Greeks had the brains and the Romans built the drains.’

Years 7 & 8 enjoy our weekly ‘Myths & Monsters Club’ on Thursdays; we also offer a Year 9 Greek Club in the Spring Term, which provides a taste of the Greek language and mythology.

In the summer term we run days trips for year 8 (to the National Gallery and Museum of London) and year 9 (to Fishbourne Roman Palace and Bignor Roman Villa); most years at Easter we also run a trip to Italy, visiting Pompeii and the Bay of Naples.

Latin GCSE

cogito ergo sum; aut disce aut discede; ipsa scientia potestas est; experientia docet. Studying Latin GCSE you would find out what these quotations mean, and in the process learn many more fascinating facts about Roman history, culture and society. ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’ asks John Cleese in Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’. The answer, of course, as his character is soon led to realise, is an enormous amount.

As well as studying the Latin language, you would also read selections from some of the greatest works of Roman literature, by authors such as Cicero, Pliny, Tacitus and Virgil, and develop skills of linguistic and literary analysis which will be highly beneficial. Latin is a challenging and richly rewarding language to study, which is highly regarded by university admissions tutors and employers in a very wide range of careers. Studying Latin will definitely help to open doors for you.

In year 10 Latin GCSE students go on a day trip to visit Bath (the Roman city of Aquae Sulis); we also run museum and theatre trips for our Latin & Greek GCSE classes.