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From playing a range of classroom instruments to composing music to accompany film clips on Sibelius 7, students at Wimbledon High School engage with music by being practical and creative. 

Without music, life would be a mistake - Friedrich Nietzsche

Our curriculum is focused on academic rigour and understanding within a framework which is both supportive and enjoyable. The academic curriculum is matched with the co-curricular timetable so that students are immersed in musical creativity throughout their school day. 

Years 7 and 8 (Key Stage 3)
Music is a central part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum with a generous teaching provision, starting with 180 minutes over two weeks in Year 7 and 135 minutes in Year 8. Year 7 students focus on musical confidence and musical literacy, developing their theoretical understanding of the subject enabling students to have a greater musical literacy, allowing them to tackle the demands of higher standard music-making and further study. Students are encouraged to perform music as a soloist and ensemble, to compose in a range of musical styles and to listen to music with a critical ear. 

Year 9 (Key Stage 3) Half GCSE
Music in Year 9 is an optional subject. Typically 40% of the year group select to study the subject in this year. The course follows the old Edexcel model, giving pupils a chance to prepare for GCSE in a live environment. This includes focus on solo and ensemble performance, composition, and listening and appraising set works.

Years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4) GCSE Course
At GCSE, the Edexcel 9-1 specification is followed. The course is divided into the three main elements: performing (30%), composing (30%) and listening (40%). A range of musical styles – from Western Classical Music to Popular Music – are covered to give a broad understanding of the key musical genres. Creativity is at the heart of musical learning and the girls are encouraged to link performance, composition and analysis together to develop their musical curiosity. This includes trips to see the set works performed live in professional concerts.

Key Stage 5 (AS and A2)
At A Level, the AQA Full A Level specification is followed. See the Sixth Form pages for more information on this course and the opportunities it can offer. 

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