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Physics permeates all aspects of our lives. We aim to excite and inspire the girls in this exciting and challenging subject, from explaining phenomena around us - the big ideas at Key Stage 3 - all the way through to the minuscule world of particle physics at A level. 

In physics, you don't have to go around making trouble for yourself - nature does it for you - Frank Wilczek

In Key Stage 3, the emphasis is on developing skills which can be applied to further study, such as collection and analysis of data as well as an introduction to astrophysics, the electromagnetic spectrum and Newton’s laws.


The IGCSE course in Physics starts in Year 9 at Wimbledon High. The course include aspects of Science appropriate for the 21st century, with a straightforward linear assessment model. Investigative skills are assessed through the written examinations. IGCSE Physics provides an excellent and relevant foundation for progression to the study of A levels. We include numerous opportunities for scholarship, stretch and challenge - e.g.:  the British Olympiad questions are embedded in the schemes of work. 

The Edexcel International GCSE science specifications enable students to:

  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of scientific facts, concepts and principles;
  • Develop an appreciation of the significance of scientific facts, concepts and principles and the skills needed for their use in new and changing situations;
  • Appreciate the importance of accurate experimental work to scientific method and reporting;
  • Form hypotheses and design experiments to test them;
  • Sustain and develop an enjoyment of, and interest in, the study of science;
  • Evaluate, in terms of their scientific knowledge and understanding, the benefits and drawbacks of scientific and technological developments, including those related to social, environmental and economic issues.
  • Structure questions in both papers, which are ramped to ensure accessibility for all our students.

A level

Physics is an intriguing subject. It combines theoretical and practical abilities. Some of the concepts introduced require excellent mathematical and experimental skills, which are applied to a wide range of familiar and unfamiliar areas. The practical component of the course will help you to understand and apply the theory. The course is designed to lead on from the GCSE curriculum,
involving a deeper and more specific understanding of the relevant Physics. You will study Nuclear and Particle Physics, Mechanics, Electricity and Waves, Heat, Fields and Radioactivity and Medical Physics.

Co-curricular and Enrichment opportunities

You could get stuck into Minecraft club, STEM Girls or work towards a CREST award. Our Creative science club does what it says on the tin... And there are plenty of opportunities for students to explore, ask questions and carry out experiments in the STEAM room. Every Year 11 students participate in the Physics Olympiad, which prepares them for the rigour of A Level. In alternate years we either visit the large Hadron Collider at Cern in Geneva (Sixth Form students) or take students to NASA in Florida.

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