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A key strength of WHS is our structure of pastoral care and the time that individual teachers take to get to know individual girls. This creates a secure, inclusive community for girls in what can sometimes be difficult adolescent years.

Our pastoral programme, led by our Deputy Head Pastoral, is called GROW, a holistic approach that encourages girls to put their mental wellbeing at the centre, developing self-belief, resilience and mutual respect. Teachers consider the external pressures that can shape teenagers' lives and foster open dialogue between girls, staff and parents. We call on a raft of experts to share their advice with the school community- teenage mental health is complex and we believe in a culture of openness.  

Girls have the same form tutor in Years 7, 8 and 9, so that they will get to know each other well. The same goes for Years 10 and 11. Apart from a fixed Head of Year 7, who is a specialist in transition from Juniors to Seniors, Heads of Year move up with the years, adding an extra layer of pastoral care. It is all about promoting well-being in every sense. Heads of Year are supported by a Learning Support Co-ordinator, who ensures students are getting the best out of school life, school nurses and our school counsellors, who are available for girls to see on confidential matters.

We cannot say how much we loved our daughter being in a such nurturing and friendly environment. We wanted to say a warm thank you to the whole school for their hard work and fantastic commitment to the girls. R has never been so happy in a school

We encourage girls to be themselves and to support each other. From first entering the school, when students are assigned a 'buddy' from an older year group and become members of one of the four Houses, to when they are Sixth Formers and may act as peer counsellors or House captains, girls grow in self-confidence and enjoy lasting friendships.

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