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Remembrance Service 2022

Remembrance Service 2022
Senior School

Last week we held a moving service of remembrance on the theme, 'A New Home', with beautiful music by our talented musicians in Chamber Choir, Baroque Ensemble and A Cappella.

Senior school students (Pola, Melina, and Aqsa) from our Home from Home society shared inspiring stories of individuals who have been displaced by conflicts and have found new lives, and a home, in the UK.

Mrs Duncan and Mrs Evans read a poem entitled 'The Refugees' which describes one of the great consequences of the First World War, namely, civilians on the run, displaced from their homes, fleeing in fear for their lives and uncertainty for their futures. 

This was followed by an address from Mr Turner: "Half a million people arrived from beyond Europe between 1953-1962. By the mid-1970s there were 1.5 million “New Commonwealth” immigrants: 3% of Britain’s total population at the time. Perhaps the most famous arrival was of people from the Caribbean - mainly Jamaica and Trinidad - on the ship Empire Windrush in 1948, commemorated still today in areas of Southeast London, like Brixton and Peckham, and who have added immeasurably not only to the makeup of our city but also our nation.

"We can, and should, take pride in the multicultural tapestry of British society, in part, created by our role in helping those affected by conflicts across the globe. To this day, British people have welcomed over 67,000 Ukrainian refugees, as we continue to recognise the importance of our individual, and united, actions in supporting those affected by conflict. We must also recognise, and learn about, the roles which individuals, society, and governments have played in making those journeys harder. As our country has adapted and gained so much from those who have made their homes here, there also has been, and continues to be, adverse reactions to immigration and struggles for equity and justice.

"Today you will hear the stories of three such people, soldiers and civilians, from our shared history whose journeys did not start in this country yet, nevertheless, whose service and sacrifice gave so much for Britain and its people. I hope we can reflect on all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives for our futures, but also those who have, and do today, dedicate their lives to making our country a better, culturally richer, more welcoming place to live and thrive." 

Ms Tamang, Head of Home from Home society, DT teacher and tutor, then invited all to observe the traditional silence, and the Last Post was superbly played Alice A.

Remembrance Day 2022

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Remembrance Service 2022