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Scholars in Brighton

Scholars in Brighton
Senior Academic Scholarship

On Wednesday 23 November the Academic Scholars in Year 10-11 jumped on the train to Brighton. This was part of the Bright and Wimsy collaboration with students from GDST sister school, Brighton Girls.

During the day they attended a talk by Ricardo Reveron Blanco, author and curator at Photoworks, who spoke about the important role curators play in providing a space and platform for artists to have their work displayed to the world. They then had an introduction to ArtSteps, which is an online platform that enables users to create their own virtual exhibitions. For the rest of the day, the worked in groups, with students from both schools, on their own virtual showrooms. One example is included below:

Cultural identity around the world

Here are a few comments from the students themselves:

Rachel M & Indi C:

“We really enjoyed visiting Brighton Girls School and collaborating with them to make our very own virtual exhibition, exploring a theme of our choice. Our group decided to explore fashion and crafts from around the world and it was fascinating to see the artefacts that everyone had chosen come together into a gallery which we could then present to the other groups. All in all, it was a fantastic day and we loved meeting some of the pupils at Brighton Girls!”

Jess D:

“Here are my thoughts about the amazing Brighton trip: I really enjoyed the day because we had the opportunity to meet people with similar and different interests. This allowed us to discuss and debate these topics. Also, I really enjoyed working on a new website and helping each other create our virtual museums. Although at times the software was difficult to use, I might use it in the future as it was very interactive and fun to use! Thank you so much for the great day.”

Mr Ferdinand Doepel, Assistant Head Academic

WHS Brighton

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Scholars in Brighton