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SHINE 2023

SHINE 2023
Whole School Partnerships

Last Saturday, although the mizzling rain tried to stop us, WHS was still able to SHINE with the arrival of the Year 4s from partnership schools for the Reach for the Stars programme.

Fun-loving Year 11 and 12 mentors from WHS began the morning with a rigorous warm up of ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’ with their mentees before a quick excursion to Mars. Guided by Mr Smith and his VR headsets, students explored the landscape of Mars and, working together with their mentor, designed a building to help them survive on this hostile planet (which they will make for themselves next week!). As fully-fledged Martians, they joined Miss Jenkins and Mrs Harper-Tarr to write postcards to their new alien home describing the strange absurdities on Earth. Our Year 4 aliens were particularly confused by why on earth you would eat a pineapple!

It was an absolute joy to see the laughter and warmth in the classrooms, beautifully captured by one Y12 mentor who said:

"My mentee was just hilarious and really honest and engaged from the start, and I learnt so much myself exploring outer space. A highlight was definitely using the VR headsets to discover Mars. Although somewhat dizzying, it was great fun bonding with our mentees and I can't wait for future sessions."

Ms Lucia Paraska, English Teacher

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SHINE 2023