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Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain
Senior Drama

The reviews are in:

'A triumph!' - Miss Kennedy

'What a talented cast!' - Miss Beckwith

'I really enjoyed it!' - Bea Newhouse - Y7

I have very fond memories of Sunday afternoons, after a roast dinner at my Nan’s house, sitting on her very ornate and equally uncomfortable sofa watching Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds make cinematic magic – I loved everything about it. In my opinion, Singin' in the Rain is quintessential musical theatre. 

A combination of incredible new musicals coming to the forefront (thanks, Lin Manuel Miranda!) and social media has meant that more and more young people are becoming engaged in musical theatre. For me this creates the opportunity to introduce the next generation of theatregoers to some of those timeless classics that still have so much to offer.  

It makes me very happy to know that our cast will take fond memories of Singin’ in the Rain with them. Congratulations cast - what an amazing show! 

By Ms Fiona Johnson - Director

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Singin' in the Rain