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Strength in STEM and across the board - A Level Results '23

Strength in STEM and across the board - A Level Results '23

Today we celebrate the achievements of a wonderful cohort of young women scientists, engineers, mathematicians, social scientists and creatives who are heading out of Wimbledon High School to a range of fascinating courses following the publication of this year’s A level results.

Mirroring the national picture of grades returning to 2019 levels, and with excellent totals across the board, Wimbledon High School students achieved:

A*          31%

A* - A    71%

A* - B    92%

Within these are outstanding department figures in STEM:

81% A* - A in Mathematics and 100% A* - A in Further Mathematics; 100% A* in Computer Science; 83% A* - A in DT; 77% A* - A in Chemistry and 88% A* - A in Economics.

And fittingly, as our Art department sits at the top of our 3-year-old STEAM Tower, Fine Art students were awarded 92% A* - A grades.

Courses at London universities have proven particularly popular this year, with well over a fifth of students choosing top universities in the capital, the majority for STEM degrees: Imperial, University College London, King’s College London, the London School of Economics and the Royal Veterinary College London. Up to four students are heading to the USA.

“I am delighted to see the hard work or students and staff being paid off in these excellent results,” said Head Fionnuala Kennedy.

“These bright young women are going to make their mark, taking their fierce intellects and creative approaches to problem solving into all walks of life, whether that is delving deep into astrophysics, tackling politics, economics, or social anthropology. We have keen linguists taking their language studies further, geographers and English scholars continuing with their passions, and students who have secured places on very competitive arts courses, from illustration and costume design to fashion textiles and acting.

“I applaud them all for having the resilience to have kept going, despite the challenges of recent years. They have all contributed greatly to our vibrant community and I know they will take with them the values of our school as they stride out of SW19.”

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Strength in STEM and across the board - A Level Results '23