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Classical Greek


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Classical Greek, like Latin, is an immensely stimulating and inspiring subject.

We study GCSE from scratch in just two years, so the pace is going to be fast. Are you up to it? Study Greek and explore a world of possibilities, past, present and future. Find out who said eurhka, and what it really means. Prove to yourself that it’s cool to be a G(r)eek, because ‘le Greek, c’est chic’: Greece is the word.

As well as learning lots about how languages work, as well as how to translate stories and unseen passages from Greek, you would study some of the greatest literature ever written such as extracts from Homer’s great epics the Iliad or Odyssey and selections from the historian Herodotus or the philosopher Plato. Socrates is quoted in Plato as saying that ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’ and we could not agree more.

We run frequent theatre trips to see classical productions – 19 in the past 4 years alone – as well as visits to Oxford and Cambridge and the British Museum; there are also senior trips to the Mediterranean every two years.