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Senior Partnerships

Senior Partnerships


WHS Partnerships

The Partnerships programme at WHS is an integral part of school life and as such is built into curriculum time for Years 11 and 12.

It provides opportunities to work in diverse and sometimes challenging environments with people from different socio-economic backgrounds, and within projects that are inter-generational or based within specialist schools.

We have partnerships with primary schools, which focus largely on 1:1 mentoring opportunities within the Year 4 SHINE, Year 5 STRIVE or Year 6 THRIVE programmes. And with secondary Schools, ‘Learn Together’ offers opportunities for bespoke collaborative projects which see the WHS students working together with a partner school student on a specific project.

The Community arm of the partnerships programme ‘WHS in the Community’ has historically offered opportunities to work with the elderly, and more recently, with HMP Downview (read more on our Sixth Form Partnerships page)

The benefits of our programmes are most definitely two-way, the schools and community venues we work with enjoy our support, whilst previous students have benefited from an increased understanding of different communities, greater self confidence and a reduction in anxiety whilst looking beyond themselves.

Explore our partnerships in more detail here:

SHINE – Year 4 children

STRIVE – Year 5 children

THRIVE – Year 6 children

Learn Together