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Supporting our students as they prepare to stride out into the world is a key focus for us at Wimbledon High School. Our Careers Programme forms part of how we support our girls to make informed decisions about their GCSE, A-level and university choices.

I decided to come and talk at the recent STEM Careers Fair because several years ago at a Wimbledon High School Careers Fair I met an engineer who inspired me to take up the profession.  I know first-hand that these events can definitely make a direct difference to a young person’s future. 

As an alumna, you are in a unique position to be a role model to our girls, informing them about the choices available to them and where their careers might lead them.

If you would be willing to come and speak at a careers fair to our senior girls or networking breakfast for our sixth form, please email [email protected].

Advice from some of our volunteer alumnae:

Civil Discourse Programme

Capturing the zeitgeist in terms of ‘culture wars’, ‘cancel culture’ and the toxic binary debates that social media engenders, in September Wimbledon High School began teaching Civil Discourse lessons. “Fear not – ‘civil’ in this context has nothing to do with politeness, or a stereotypically female notion of being ‘good,’” explained Head, Fionnuala Kennedy. “Rather, civil can be about what is best for the greater good, and maybe saying things which agitate and disrupt and yes, perhaps offend. But it’s about freedom of speech and not freedom of consequences from what is said.” The lessons encourage intergenerational conversations to try and build greater understanding of different viewpoints. The programme's official launch in the autumn saw students questioning guest speaker and author of Communicate for Change, Genelle Aldred.

WHS will be looking for input from alumnae, many of whom are no strangers to the good fight! Those interested should email [email protected].

Also, sign up to GDST Life to keep in contact with the GDST-wide alumnae network.

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