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Rowing - WHSBC

Rowing - WHSBC

Rowing is a popular sport at Wimbledon High School, with WHS Boat Club a key part of the school community and the community on the river! In just five seasons, Head of Rowing Gillian Lindsay (Olympic silver medallist and World Champion) has taken WHSBC to great heights, including the winning of silver and bronze medals at the National Schools' Regatta, participation in the Henley Royal Regatta qualifiers and numerous wins in more local events.

Girls have the opportunity of a taster in rowing during Year 7 and thereafter it is a club they can join - one requiring full commitment to a full and inspiring programme of fitness sessions and skills training on and off the water. The values of hard work, excellence, aspiration, respect and teamwork are all central to WHS Rowing, as part of a strong, supportive and inclusive culture. Students learn self-discipline, independence and time management. They grow in confidence and skill, while making friendships amongst crewmates and across year groups that will outlive their time at school.

"I love to show our rowers just how hard they can push themselves, but still make it fun and rewarding," explains Gillian Lindsay. "We are ranked in the top 20 out of 350 competing rowing schools and clubs in the country - remarkable in such a short space of time."

Nothing beats the thrill of pulling away from a rival boat, working together to get that win after long months of training on cold winter evenings!

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