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Trips & Excursions

Trips & Excursions

We offer fantastic opportunities for students at Wimbledon High to broaden their horizons and see the world. 

These include expeditions - World Challenge or Duke of Edinburgh Gold or Silver Award - as well as curriculum focused trips, language stays and day excursions closer to home.

In recent years, Mandarin speakers have headed to Beijing, Year 7/ 8 have had an exchange to Japan, our historians have headed to New York and Washington, musicians to Barcelona, geographers to Iceland, and linguists to France, Germany and Spain.

We’ve undertaken a meaningful partnership with a Sri Lankan orphanage and our World Challenge expeditioners have trekked in Morocco and the Silk Route. Rowers have rowed on beautiful Italian lakes and netballers and hockey players have played in Spain.

German Exchange Trip - Munich 2022

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WHS German Trip

World Challenge Expedition - Morocco 2022 

WHS World Challenge​​​​​​

Geography Trip - Iceland 2022 

WHS Geography Trip to Iceland