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Welcome from the Head

Welcome from the Head

A warm welcome from all of us at Wimbledon High to our website, which we hope gives you a flavour of the very special community we cherish here in our corner of SW19. It’s difficult to capture the essence of a school without coming to visit us but we will do our best to bottle at least something of what has become known as the Wimbledonian Spirit as you navigate your way across our site.

Since 1880, WHS has been educating girls to go out into the world and make a difference, and we continue to do so with pride, with energy and with imagination. Whether girls join us at the age of 4, 11 or 16, their time here will be filled with playfulness, curiosity and challenge: we believe in rigour and scholarship building resilience; but we also know this must be blended with play and creativity if the wonder of childhood is to be ignited, and if ‘real-world-ready' skills are to be fostered.  Our children are children first and foremost; but they will also go on to stride out into the world ready to collaborate, solve problems and think independently.

Our acclaimed pastoral system, enriching and extensive co-curricular opportunities, character-forging partnerships programmes and of course scholarly approach to academia make for a compelling offering, where every individual will find something to fire their creativity and build their sense of self. This is no better exemplified than in our GDST Spotlight film, featuring Poorna,  jazz musician, scientist, gardener, animal lover, WHS student since Reception and soon heading to university to study Biology, having been Head Girl.

We couldn’t be more proud of WHS, or of being a beacon member of the GDST, where girls come first and learn without limits. Now all you need to do is come and see for yourself...

Fionnuala Kennedy

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Policies and Inspection reports may be accessed here - We were inspected in November 2023 under the new ISI framework.

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