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Senior Curriculum

Senior Curriculum

At Wimbledon High, alongside fostering independent scholarship, we embrace a cross-curricular, interdisciplinary approach that encourages creativity and collaboration. We keep the OECD Learning Compass 2030 front of mind - every student knows her own agency in bringing about change.

WHS Civil DiscourseWhat happens around, over and above the curriculum is as important: we make time for Civil Discourse - this has been taught as part of scheduled lessons from Year 7 upwards since September 2021. And in Year 10, students all take our bespoke PPE course, to allow them to delve into politics, philosophy and economics and they examine current affairs, the news and media. 

Regularly in the top 20 in the country for our A level and GCSE results, academic rigour pays off, with our students able to go onto top university courses and a range of exciting careers. 

We are proud to be a Microsoft Showcase School, working closely with Microsoft and similar pioneering schools internationally to embed technology in an authentic way in and outside the classroom. Our Bring Your Own Device initiative ensures girls work collaboratively and seamlessly online, when appropriate - with the emphasis at all times being on human relationships. Our work has seen us named an EdTech 50 school and we were awarded Best Use of Technology in the TES Independent School Awards 2020.

An A level school, our programme of study is complemented by regular lectures, talks and other academic enrichment opportunities to ensure that students, staff and parents all continue on their journey of discovery. 

You can discover more about our academic thinking by visiting our Teaching & Learning hub, where we ensure we remain questioning in our approach, sharing pedagogical expertise and ideas.

At Wimbledon it’s cool to ask more questions than to have answers.