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Developing of partnerships is one of the key strategic aims of the school and we are fully committed to fostering links and developing projects locally, nationally and internationally, to broaden experiences for our girls as well as bring opportunities for partner children and staff to collaborate and share ideas.

Partnership work really expands from Years 10 and 11 into the Sixth Form but joint projects take place in the Junior school and through Years 7 – 9 in Seniors.

Jenny Cox, Director of Co-curricular, Partnerships & Philanthropy, says: "It is an absolute joy building such strong relationships with local primary and secondary schools. Watching the relationships flourish between the students and seeing the confidence and understanding of each other develop, is so inspiring. It really feels like we are moving forward as a community together."

We have carefully measured the impact in our partner schools, but also for our students, who have overwhelmingly found the sessions fun, inspiring and confidence-boosting - indeed, many say it's the highlight of their week. ​​​​​​Mentoring and other roles of responsibility help combat teens’ propensity to look inwards, encouraging perspective and purpose.

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