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Novel Research at WHS

Novel Research at WHS

As part of our drive to foster independent research skills and encourage inter-disciplinary learning at Wimbledon High School, our sixth formers have the opportunity to embark on novel research with professional scientists and data scientists across Europe.

Novel research is something that we most often associate with postgraduate studies – work that is contributing towards a DPhil, perhaps. Yet through some fascinating links to ‘real life’ scientists in the field, students at Wimbledon High School have the opportunity to delve deep into big data, to investigate a thesis and eventually publish their research.

Under the expert guidance of our Dr Clare Roper, our Director of Science, Technology and Engineering, students may opt to crunch and analyse data sets on a topic of their choosing. Identifying trends, backing up their findings and presenting them in a professional academic format, with all the appropriate references, the students learn invaluable skills.

One of our students, Lizzie B, published as an 18 year-old in the International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport. (AELTC granted her access to a vast data set and she had mentoring from IBM); Poppy S published in the International RJLBPCS Journal and former WHS student Rhea S published on The Role of Replicase Polyprotein 1ab in SARS-CoV-2 in the YS Journal.


Our links to real life science are broad and span various ages of student. Currently, we have these exciting projects underway:

Sixth form biology: Darwin Tree of Life Project

Year 8 AI project

Year 10 Unicode@school

Big Data Group

Bioinformatics club

Racket research

Twinkl Orbyts