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Senior STEAM

Senior STEAM

At Wimbledon High School, we like to champion cross-curricular learning, on the basis that no scholar or discipline can exist in isolation: discourse and community are central to the progression of knowledge and understanding. 

Bringing together Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (as STEAM)  offers the chance to approach complex social problems through powerful critical thinking. 

Taking subjects out of silos allows for richer and more varied thinkers – to see things through different lenses. For our students to be disruptive forces in the 21st century, it is their curiosity and independent minds that we must nurture, but also their spirit of collaboration and creativity.

What does this look like in practice?

"With different twists of the academic kaleidoscope, we can tinker and play with ideas, exploring the blurred edges of subjects in which unusual and compelling ideas dwell."

Taken from our STEAM manifesto