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The Charter - building an inclusive culture

The Charter - building an inclusive culture

Building an inclusive community and culture across local schools and sixth forms was a priority for Wimbledon High School in the wake of Everyone's Invited. On 1 December 2021, students, staff and parents from Wimbledon High School and King's College School gathered to mark the launch of The Charter - a significant moment for both schools and the outcome of months of student led collaboration.

As Year 13 student Chloe W said in her address at the launch: "The shocking testimonies recounted by Everyone’s Invited brought to light engrained behaviours that are unacceptable and which have been disregarded in our society for far too long. In the wake of this movement, conversation has been sparked between the two schools and since the summer of the last academic year, those involved in the Charter group have worked tirelessly to create a Charter which not only establishes the basic values that will underpin the actions of both communities moving forward but is also predominantly a student-led initiative. In creating the Charter, we are striving to foster a more sustainable and healthy relationship between the two communities, for future generations as well as our own."

Particular points of focus in deepening our culture of safeguarding  have been:

  • Adjustment to the PSHE/RSE provision
  • Influence of wider society on behaviours and values
  • Scholastic and social collaboration between schools
  • How to make all voices heard

The Charter Event

On 16 June 2022 we held a parent event 'Making Informed Choices', where a panel of experts answered questions on how families can help build an inclusive culture.

Deputy Head Pastoral Ben Turner explained: "When setting out the Charter strategy, since its launch last year, it has been our aim to hold one significant event every term that brings together a key element, or elements, of our communities. This term, we are focusing on our parents, and thinking about how we can equip ourselves for some of the tough decisions that we all must make when it comes to allowing teenagers the space to be themselves, while ensuring they are safe and making informed decisions." 




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Read more about our guest speakers below:

Alicia Drummond

Fiona Spargo-Mabbs

Charlie Easmon

You can read The Charter in full here

Deanna Puccio of the RAP Project reminded all of the prevalence of sexual violence within society and the need to shift cultures. She went on to praise both schools for developing The Charter, which she sees as a blueprint for schools nationally. You can read about the RAP Project, with whom Wimbledon High have worked for many years, here.