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Bursary Fund

Bursary Fund

Ensuring that talented girls from all backgrounds have access to an education at Wimbledon High School has always been central to the school’s ethos and vision.


Find out more about the impact of a bursary in our film capturing current and past bursary award holders




Today we make this possible through our bursary programme, with almost 5% of students in the senior school in receipt of a bursary award. Our means-tested bursary awards benefit not only the recipient and their family but all of us at the school, by ensuring our classrooms are learning environments which reflect the diversity of our community beyond the school gates.

This year we are launching our 1880 Society, named after our founding year, inviting donors to commit to a gift of £1880 (£1500 plus gift aid).  14 families signing up as 1880 Society Members would represent a 100% bursary award for one student for one year.  

If you would like to become an 1880 Society Member or make a donation to our Bursary Fund, you can do so HERE