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Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Discover some quick facts about Wimbledon High School:

  • Wimbledon High School was founded in 1880
  • The WHS symbol is the apple
  • The School is a beacon school of the Girls' Day School Trust (GDST), which specialises in educating girls    
  • Located centrally in Wimbledon
  • The current and 13th head of Wimbledon High School is Ms Fionnuala Kennedy    
  • An A level school, regularly in the top 20 nationally for A level and GCSE results

  • The first school to hold a ‘Failure Week’ in 2012. Since then we have held a dedicated week every year to build resilience in our students.
  • Offering high-level sport: our rowing programme was set up by Olympian Gillian Lindsay.
  • 25m swimming pool on-site, playing fields a 10-minute walk away are the original site of the All England Club.
  • Our students trial and are successfully selected annually to be Ball Girls at Wimbledon.

Our School Motto:

ex humilibus excelsa
"From humble beginnings, greatness"