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WHS Union

WHS Union

The WHSU has been in existence almost as long as Wimbledon High itself.  Each year the WHSU Committee organise an annual lunch and welcome old girls and former staff back to school. 

Purpose of the WHSU

  • Connecting old girls - through its annual lunch and regular newsletters the WHSU keeps in contact with old girls and enables them to stay connected with their school.
  • Supporting old girls—through its Benevolent Fund, the WHSU supports old girls in need whether by sending cards at Christmas to the elderly or infirm or by making grants to those in financial difficulty.
  • Creating new “old girls” - through its support for the school and its role in keeping alive the unique history of Wimbledon High, the WHSU is supporting our current students who will one day become alumnae of the school.

The WHSU forms part of the wider Wimbledon High alumnae network.

WHSU Newsletter 2023

Read through the latest news from the WHSU and peruse some alumnae's memories of their time at WHS.



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