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On 9 March 2022, we held our very own TEDx event at Wimbledon High School.

You'll be familiar with TED Talks; TEDx talks are independently organised, still following the same format and subject to approval by TEDx before they can be published online.

We're so proud of the students who found their own take on the subject of 'future' and wrote and performed their talks so brilliantly. For those not able to join for the live event, you can watch every individual video below.

Thinking on the edge about tomorrow | Allegra K

Mr Floppy Ears | Anoushka K

How Society is Changing Our Speech | Antonia B

A.I: Salvation or condemnation for the human race? | Caroline Y

'Not the end of the world' | Eva H

Do we need to look at our past to see our future? | Hafsa S

The future of acting | Imogen A

Our computers of the future | Isabelle Z

Our future is under water | Jennifer G

Should arts education be neglected in favour of STEM? | Lara K

Digital Twins: The Smart Future of Buildings | Lauren H

Slum Safari | Saavi P

Happily ever after | Safa H

Will the world survive me first? | Georgia T

Our Shakespeare problem, and how to fix it | Sharanya N

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