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The Girls' Day School Trust, GDST, is the largest group of independent schools in the UK and the UK’s largest educational charity.

The 23 schools and two academies of the GDST are some of the very best in the country, with levels of fees that are highly competitive. Each school is characterised by its record of academic achievement and a rich programme of co-curricular activities. 

Trust students were among the first women to obtain university degrees and to enter the professions and this pioneering spirit continues today.

The GDST encourages pupils to cultivate a lively intellectual curiosity and a wide range of interests and life skills. We have lots of contact with our sister schools - sharing best practice and a healthy competitive spirit in the many Trust-wide sports tournaments that take place over the year. 

International links and collaboration are actively pursued and each school seeks to incorporate an international dimension to the educational experience.

All Sixth Formers automatically become members of the GDST Alumnae Network, some 46,000 former students in 75 countries. Members are national and international leaders in every professional field and the Alumnae Network offers invaluable careers advice, training and work experience opportunities.


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