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FAQs Junior Admissions

FAQs Junior Admissions

We have put here some of our frequently asked questions about Admissions to our Junior School.

When can I apply for Reception (4+)?

How many candidates usually apply, for how many places?

How does the 4+ Ballot process work?

My daughter is young for her academic year – does this matter?

My daughter’s first language is not English. Do I need to let you know this?

Can I apply for Reception from overseas?

In what years are Occasional Vacancies available and how do I apply?

What does the Occasional Vacancy assessment involve?

Do you have a waiting list?

Do you have a sibling policy?

Do I have to attend an Open Day to complete my daughter’s application?

Can I request a tour of the school?

What pastoral care is available in the Junior School?

Do you offer wrap-around child care?

What languages do girls learn in the Junior School?

How much homework do Junior School girls get?

What is the pupil to teacher ratio in the Junior School?

What extra-curricular activities do you offer in the Junior School?

What sports facilities do you have?

Do you offer school transport to and from school?

What percentage of Junior girls are admitted to the Senior School?

How do you engage parents in the children's learning?

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected].