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We passionately believe that balance and breadth across everything we offer in the Sixth Form are key to complement the focus, depth and specialism of your A Levels. 

Academic enrichment comes from our Year 12 Open Mind initiative ('Thinking Skills' and varied just-for-the-fun-of-it academic electives). There is also our extensive lecture programme - outside speakers are regularly invited to give Rosewell Lectures; our teachers lead Mind Matters sessions after school and girls themselves give WimTalks - think Ted talks.

Pastoral enrichment comes from giving back to our community through our extensive weekly partnerships, where you might lead lessons in local primary schools, take your musical ensemble to an old people's home, volunteer with a local charity, or volunteer to become a Saturday morning SHINE mentor to our visiting Year 4 pupils.

Our Sports provision allows you to find your thing - whether continuing with 'traditional' sports or taking up some of the many other exercise opportunities that comprise our Sixth Fit programme.