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FAQs Senior Admissions

FAQs Senior Admissions

We have put here some of our frequently asked questions about Admissions to our Senior School.

What is the ratio of applications to places at 11+?

How many girls transfer over from your Junior School?

If my daughter is already in a GDST school, can she transfer directly to WHS?

What is the pass mark?

What does your 11+ exam involve?

Do you recommend tutoring in preparation for 11+ entrance? How can my daughter prepare if these are not practised in schools?

Why do you not have Maths and English tests?

What happens on 11+ entrance exam day?

Do you give extra time to girls with special education needs? (SEN)?

Do you screen for special educational needs once girls start at WHS?

What languages will my daughter do in Year 7?

Do you teach separate sciences?

When does squad training take place for Year 7?

Do you have past papers available?

What is your Occasional Vacancy process?

Do you keep a waiting list for Year 7 entry?