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Class of 2019 Reunion
Wednesday 21 February 2024

Brilliant to see such an enthusiastic turnout from the Class of 2019 at their reunion this week – what a throng! Five years already since leaving the school and already out in the world such a range of exciting things. And as always a treat to have so many former and current staff come back to see how their former charges are thriving.


The 143rd Birthday Reunion 2023

Thank you to all alumnae and former staff who joined us to celebrate Wimbledon High's birthday on Saturday 4 November in our new Auditorium at The 143rd Birthday Reunion. What a  joyous and vibrant occasion!
View the news story here and the photos here

Class of 2013 Reunion 

We welcomed back our Class of 2013 to Cafe Sixth on Saturday 23 September as they gathered for their Ten Years' Reunion. 
View the news story here and the photos here

Class of 1963 and 1983 Reunion 

On Saturday 10 June 2023 we welcomed back not one but TWO groups of alumnae with something to celebrate - the Class of 1963 who came together to mark sixty years since leaving school with a delicious lunch in Senior Hall and a large group of alumnae from the Class of 1983 who gathered at school for a celebratory drink and a tour of their favourite haunts.

It was really special to have both groups come together at the end of the day to sing the School Song in Senior Hall and thank you to Anthea Fry ( Class of 1963) for leading the way on the piano! Here are some photos from the day. 

Class of 2017 and 2018 Reunion

Thank you to the Head Girls of the Classes of 2017 and 2018 who gathered such a large and lively crowd and to former staff who braved the rain to come to our reunion drinks in the beautiful new Auditorium on Thursday 27 April 2023. Here are some photos from the night. See you again soon! 

142nd Birthday Reunion 2022

Over 100 alumnae and former staff came together at school on Saturday 12 November to celebrate the school’s birthday in style! It was a truly intergenerational affair, with an age range from 24 through to 98 years old, as well as two ‘Old Boys’ who attended the Prep School in the 1950s and long-serving former members of staff such as the former Head of Prep Enid Thornton Smith, former Deputy Head Janet Mitchell, Rachel Adams and Roz Johnson. To read more and view photos, click here

Classes of 2015 + 2016 Reunion

After being delayed by 2 years due to Covid, we were delighted to finally welcome back the Classes of 2015 and 2016 in early March 2022.

It was an amazing evening with wine, nibbles and chats! The alumnae were also given the opportunity to visit our new STEAM tower. It was so lovely to catch up and for them to reconnect with some of their teachers, including Deputy Head Mrs Duncan, Director of Sixth Form Dr Parsons, and Mrs Hanbury who was Head Teacher during their time at school. 

It was amazing to hear about what fantastic things our alumnae have done since leaving WHS! Dulcie Everitt has had her book ‘Brexlit: The Problem of Englishness in Pre- and Post-Brexit Referendum Literature’ published and it is available to buy now. Aliza Vakil has performed on stage in the UK and in Frankfurt, Germany. Other alumnae have gone on to be teachers, engineers, nurses, or are working in European Parliament and in communications and marketing.









140th Birthday Reunion

The last couple of years have been special  for a lot of reasons and, despite the limitations put in place by Covid-19, we were determined that celebrations for Wimbledon High School’s 140th Birthday would still go ahead. This meant replacing the usual white linen clothed tables in the Senior Hall, balloons, tasty lunch and tours of the school with something virtual, that would still give alumnae that sense of nostalgia.

So, on Saturday afternoon, rather than donning our best outfits and getting on a train or jumping in the car, we set-up computers and put on our favourite slippers in order to join other WHS alumnae for the first-ever online Birthday Reunion. With alumnae from all over the globe able to join in for the first time, we were delighted to welcome back students from right across the ages, including several Head Girls, as well as former staff.

The event began with a welcome from our new Head, Ms Fionnuala Kennedy, who talked about the history of the school and read out a poem by Emma Mundella, entitled “The First Ten Years”. Followed by our current Head Girl, Jess, who talked about her experiences of Lockdown. We then showed two videos, one depicting school life from the previous academic year and showing alumnae a snapshot of what the school is doing now and how it has changed, as well as a rendition of ‘Like a Rainbow Shining’ by the WHS A Capella group. 

Alumnae were then offered to split into their individual Classes or the closest to their year of leaving and it was fabulous to see so many alumnae chatting away. We ended the event by inviting everyone back together for a rousing rendition of the school song and information on how to join the new GDST platform, GDST Life.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the event to celebrate 140 years of Wimbledon High.