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Sixth Form Curriculum

Sixth Form Curriculum

Wimbledon High School is an A Level school. We regard our Sixth programme to be the best preparation for university for our students - academic life encompasses many opportunities for enrichment and scholarship - for asking questions and engaging in intellectual tussles.

We take a holistic approach - our pastoral, academic and 'Futures' strands prepare our students for life beyond school, equipping them for the best universities and degree apprenticeships, for entrepreneurship and a range of exciting careers. Our new Head of Enterprise, Employability and Entrpreneurship is pioneering our approach in this. 

If you are neurodivergent or have a hidden difference, please take a look at Project Flip here.

For detail on our A Level take a look at our courses booklet. 

Universities value the depth of knowledge A levels bring and we believe you will enjoy the flexibility of being able to play to your strengths in your choice of subjects.



Within your scheduled weekly timetable, independent study periods will be built in, so you will learn about the importance of carrying out your own research and managing your time to allow plenty of opportunity for enrichment. Many students do an Extended Project Qualification.

Our Scholars' Programme allows students to go even deeper into their studies and to learn the discipline of rigorous academic research. The outcome of these cerebral wanderings is our joint OWLS scholarship journal with the girls of Oxford High School GDST.

As you consider 3 or 4 A level courses, you will receive lots of individually tailored advice about combinations of subjects, workloads and the expectations of universities. WHS Sixth offers one-to-one tutorials, where tutors get to know students really well and help ensure you are working independently and getting the most out of your Sixth Form years.

Enrichment opportunities abound; we want our students to be enlightened people; people who make connections between disciplines; people who are excited by learning new and challenging things; people who buzz with ‘what if…?’ conversations.