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Support Us

At Wimbledon High we aim to provide the very best learning environment for our students - our development and fundraising play a key role in making this possible.

Whereas fees cover the costs of an education, when it comes to many of the elements that make our school special, we ask the whole school community – parents, alumnae, staff, students, former parents and friends – to get involved and contribute in whatever way they can.

This might be funding a school trip or other opportunities for a student whose family circumstances mean she wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate, or helping fundraise for additions to our facilities and 'nice to have' extras.

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Follow this link to to hear the impact bursary support can have.

If you would like to discuss any of our fundraising initiatives, please contact Director of Development and Alumnae Relations, Joanne Joyce, on 020 3123 0860.


At Wimbledon High, we are very grateful to our alumnae and friends who have chosen to leave a legacy to the school. Every gift in every Will, no matter what the size, helps keep our school at the forefront of education.

For many, the ability to make donations in their lifetime is limited. Leaving a gift in a Will can provide a more suitable opportunity to make a significant contribution. At the wishes of the donor, legacies can be used to support bursaries, new school facilities or other additional educational opportunities for our girls, or they can be left for the benefit of the school in general, which will allow us to meet our needs at the time.

Wimbledon High School is part of The Girls’ Day School Trust, which is a registered charity (no. 306983), and by leaving a gift in your Will you can also reduce the total tax liability of your estate to your family. All legacies to the GDST are free from capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

If you are considering naming Wimbledon High in your Will or would like to inform us that you have already done so, please get in touch with Joanne Joyce on 020 3123 0860.  Informing us of your pledge does not commit you to a particular course of action; it will allow us to keep you updated with what is happening at the school and to discuss your wishes further if you would like to do so.