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Welcome to new alumnae

Welcome to new alumnae

Advice and support for new alumnae

WHS is here for you should you need advice or support, whether that be a mentor at your new university, advice about your course, tips about a Gap Year or practical and pastoral support. 

And it would be great to hear your stories and to share them with those students coming up behind you.

Here is a page of advice and resources from our alumnae community just for you to help you get started on your journey as you 'stride out' beyond WHS:

Email [email protected].

“You are the only one who can decide what a success looks and feels like for you, so try not to compare yourself to others too much!”

Amelia Ransome (Class of 2011)

"Your personal network can be your greatest strength."

Priyanka Patel (Class of 2017)

“Study what you love, excel at it and then transfer those skills into a career you are really passionate about.”

Lucy Benjamin (Class of 2001)


The GDST alumnae network is one of the largest female networks in the UK (and possibly beyond) and is a a community of women from all walks of life and around the globe who are there to support and inspire you. It provides an exceptional opportunity to find role models, mentors, sponsors and potential career opportunities.

Join the GDST Alumnae LinkedIn group with over 3200 members to keep in touch. 

GDST Alumnae LinkedIn

Add Wimbledon High School to your LinkedIn profile too!  

The Futures Access scheme

This is open to you as alumnae to access WHS careers advice for up to five years after leaving school. Get in touch with Dr Sheela Sharma  Head of Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Employability by emailing [email protected] 


Follow our official social media accounts to find out more about what's happening at school or to be reconnected with old classmates and friends through  X @Alumnae_WHS  WHS Alumnae Facebook and Instagram


Take a look at all the latest news stories, magazines & newsletters and alumnae profiles on our web pages - let us know if you'd like to be put in touch with anyone.

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