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GDST Humanities Prize - Wimbledon runner-up

GDST Humanities Prize - Wimbledon runner-up
Sixth Form Academic Scholarship

Congratulations to Eleanor, in Wimbledon High Sixth Form, who is runner up in the GDST Humanities Prize for her essay on:

Why understanding the geographies of our colonial past is the key to tackling global inequality.

“If we do not understand the geographies of our global colonial past, we cannot begin to address the underlying issues that have been hindering development for so long and the global inequality that results,” writes Eleanor, beginning with the observation that: "The very act of European cartography in charting and dividing previously unmapped areas, was hugely significant in creating a sense of power and imperial authority over the world.”

It's a thought-provoking read, and the extent of Eleanor's own reading is clear in her extensive bibliography. The decolonising of our curriculum at WHS has been a key focus in recent years, in subjects from English to History.

Congratulations to the commended entries and to the overall winner, Emily, from sister school Sheffield High. You can read the results in full, and enjoy the impressive essays, here: https://www.gdst.net/news/gdst-humanities-prize-results-2023/


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GDST Humanities Prize - Wimbledon runner-up