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Putting Young Minds to Work

Putting Young Minds to Work

Over the last term, Year 6 have been taking part in a course called 'Putting Young Minds to Work', learning all about business and how to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Working in groups, pupils decided on a product or service that they wanted to sell; worked out a budget and advertisement strategy; before making the products themselves and selling them at the grand finale Enterprise Fair! 

"Putting Young Minds to Work had a tremendously positive impact on our pupils. From start to finish, the programme carefully balanced hands-on practical enterprise activities with relevant and ambitious financial literacy. The real-life contexts provided in each session empowered our pupils to really pull together and develop their ability to collaborate and innovate; they were all so invested in the products they created and were so committed to getting all aspects of the product creation and marketing spot on. The quality of the Perfect Pitches at the end of the programme was really professional and everyone in the school community loved visiting the enterprise fair in the final week. I know our girls will never forget this brilliant experience!" - Ms Boyd, Head of Juniors



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Putting Young Minds to Work