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Juniors and Seniors take part in British Science Week

Juniors and Seniors take part in British Science Week
Whole School STEAM

Science week started off with a pop and a fluorescent glow in assembly on Monday morning where the Year 12 Science week team made connections with their dramatic experiment and each of the science subjects.

Through the week they highlighted each of the science disciplines, many with links to the British Science Week theme on time. The Year 8 trip to the Royal Greenwich museums obviously nailed that brief. On a whole school level there was a sport science competition between staff, a talk from Laura Eghobamien from the Black Medical and Social Network, fun Chemistry experiments, interesting dissections and science film night. Henrietta M, Maya S and Naiyali T-H also took part in the GDST STEM spelling bee competition and we came away with a record haul of awards at the #700STEM writing competition. Congratulations to Immy B, Vera R, Indi C, Sophia R, Aanya S and Elspie M.

 - Dr. Roper, Director of Science, Technology and Engineering


In the Juniors, the girls also took part in a range of science-based activities as part of British Science Week. Exciting science activities took place in lessons, with highlights including classroom visits from Tortellini the tortoise; Year 1 making their first visit to the science lab and looking at the anatomy of fish; and five lucky Year 5 girls attending GDST Science Day at the Royal Institution, where they had the best time extracting DNA, listening to inspiring female scientists and making / crash-testing paper cars. 

Fun pictures below!


Six senior school girls wearing white lab coats and goggles. They are conducting an experiment with dry ice in front of the whole school during assembly

Scientist Laura Eghobamien standing with three sixth form students

Staff members taking part in a sports science competition. They are in the sports hall playing 'catch' with a ball

Senior school girls practicing fish dissection in the science lab. They are wearing gloves, white lab coats and goggles and have their hair tied up

Year 1 pupils in the junior science lab. They are looking in interest at a fish

Five Year 5 girls are standing in front of a large, colourful periodic table of elements that is projected on to a wall

Junior school pupils sitting at a table and making a car out of paper



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Juniors and Seniors take part in British Science Week