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World Book Day (and week!) 2024

World Book Day (and week!) 2024
Whole School

World Book Day 2024 took place on Thursday 7 March. Senior school staff and students dressed in a literary-themed costumes - some of the outfits included Willy Wonka, Wednesday Addams and the main characters from 'Good Omens'! Students also ran a book swap at lunchtime; throughout the week, staff and students brought in books to donate to the swap, receiving a voucher in return that they were able to exchange for a new book on World Book Day.

In the Junior School, the girls were asked to dress up as a word from any language that was culturally significant or interesting to them, reflecting the rich diversity of our school community. Pupils also took part in workshops run by poet and author Laura Mucha, working collaboratively to write their own year group poems. 

Earlier in the week, the senior school held 'Poetry by Heart', a contest that saw participants compete to earn points for their house and a chance to perform on stage at the Globe Theatre. Students from each year group performed two poems that they had memorised to their peers in Senior Hall, and, after much deliberation, we can announce that the winners are:

Y7: Thanuksha (Hastings)

Y8: Isabel (Scott)

Y9: Anjolie (Scott)

Y10: Oriana (Arnold)

Y11: Simonna (Scott) and Libby (Arnold)

Sixth Form: Hannah (Hastings) and Martha (Arnold)


Which means that the winners of Poetry by Heart this year are Arnold and Scott!

A group photograph of senior school staff and students dressed as book characters for World Book Day

Three senior school girls dressed for World Book Day. The teenage girl on the left is dressed in green trousers a blue long-sleeved top; the girl in the middle is dressed in a black dress with braided hair; and the girl on the right is wearing a flowing blue skirt with an orange scarf and flowers in her hair

Seven Sixth Form students dressed as characters from the novel 'Good Omens'

Six Junior School pupils dressed for World Book Day.

A group photograph of Year 3, showing all of their World Book Day costumes

A photograph of a student with Ms Prag. They are dressed as tourists for World Book Day

Laura Mucha running a workshop for the junior school

A photograph of lower junior school girls walking. They are all wearing different costumes for World Book Day

Two sixth form students standing behind a book stall, running the World Book Day book swap

Students in the senior school taking part in Poetry by Heart. They are standing in Senior Hall reciting a poem to a room of students and teachers

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World Book Day (and week!) 2024