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University Guidance

University Guidance

Onwards  is our bespoke programme to support students with their decision making process, starting with addressing questions such as: Which courses and universities should I apply to?  Would I prefer an apprenticeship? And working with students through the application and interview process. 

The course also covers essential life skills such as money management, basic DIY skills, cooking for uni, the dos and don'ts of renting, etc, to ensure students are fully equipped to flourish independently away from home. Broadly:

Summer term – Year 12 
  • Introduction to the UCAS hub and exploring course and uni options
  • Presentation and Interview skills 
  • Completing your UCAS Apply form 
  • Specialist sessions for Oxbridge, Medics, Overseas, Performing Arts and Art Foundation Admissions tests 
  • Writing your personal statement
Autumn term 1 – Year 13  Completing and submitting Higher Education applications, with sessions offering specialist 1:1 support, practice admissions tests, time to complete personal statements and time for work on EPQ presentations.
Autumn term 2 – Year 13 Interview preparation for Oxbridge and Healthcare applicants, Getting ready for the move to university. Sessions to include: 
  • Academic interviews
  • University teaching – what to expect from lectures, seminars and tutorials 
  • Time management  
  • Why take a Gap Year... or not
Spring term – Year 13 Preparing for living independently. Sessions to include:
  • Personal finance  
  • Dos and Don’ts of renting accommodation  
  • Cooking on a budget 
  • Basic DIY 
  • Travel safety
  • Making the most of your time at university – internships, placement years
  • University Lifehacks – alumnae panel