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ChatGPT and education

ChatGPT and education
Senior Senior School

"Write a short article about ChatGPT and education, in the style of a school newsletter" - You'll all be glad to know that High Ways remains entirely produced by humans! 

Here at WHS, where we place immense value on scholarship, a love of learning, the power of knowledge, and curiosity, we won't be getting an AI to write our words for us any time soon. Nevertheless, it seems that the media has exploded over the past week with ideas, debate, anxiety and speculation about the way that AI tools like ChatGPT might be used and abused in schools and universities. We know too that the impact on business from this new technology - the most sophisticated of its kind so far - is likely to be significant. How could we and should we use ChatGPT? How do we best prepare our students for a future where AI is an assistive technology for human endeavour - as it already is in professional fields such as medicine and engineering?

Next week in WimTeach we plan to share our first thoughts on the way that we will guide our students and staff on this important topic. And at 4pm on Tuesday 21 February, students will have a chance to participate in a discussion forum on the topic, hosted by Year 12 students Olivia and Lauren in their brand new Tech Futures Society:

"Last week we launched Tech Futures Society which is an exciting new club focussing on technological innovation and development. We are passionate about exploring advancements in technology and how they are impacting and will impact the world around us. We value opinions and contributions from all subject areas as we believe this truly is a STEAM+ club! The society runs on a fortnightly schedule with a different subject area each week including topics that range from AI and art to tech for inclusion and accessibility, so there really is something for everyone! We will be presenting and discussing these ideas in quite a unique way by collaborating and recording our views on an online whiteboard to compile a log of each session. We think is a really exciting new opportunity and hope to see you there. Here is a sneak peak of one of our collaborative boards for a session on Art and AI…"

Tech Futures Society 2023 

In the meantime, I found this explainer from BBC Newsround to be a great summary of the issues, written in a very accessible way.

Rachel Evans, Director of Digital Learning & Innovation (and very definitely a human)

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ChatGPT and education