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Year 4 Winner of GDST Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize

Year 4 Winner of GDST Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize

We are delighted to share that Lexi in Year 4 has won the Years 3 & 4 category of the annual GDST Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize!

The Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize is one of the GDST’s longest-running prizes, encouraging students with an active interest in poetry to put pen to paper.

The poems were judged by Croydon High School alumna Georgina Day.  With a background in English Literature and a lifelong love for reading, Georgina embarked on her professional writing journey in 2023 when she published her first book. In her debut children's book 'Honey and Sugar Get Adopted', Georgina was able to combine being an author with her other strong passion for animal welfare. Through her writing she seeks to inspire and educate readers of all ages about the importance of respecting animals' individuality. 

Lexi won with her poem 'I Matter Too', with Georgina saying ,"'I Matter Too' has very good technical application, following a constrained formal quatrain structure for every stanza and has applied a consistent rhyming scheme at the line breaks. What is particularly impressive about this is that the rhymes don’t feel forced, but well chosen for the subject."

Very well done, Lexi!

You can read her poem below:

I Matter Too

Hidden away,
Left alone,
This place on the sidelines,
Has now become home.
You’re thought as amazing,
But I know you best.
You’ve kept me aside,
Like a servant to the rest.
Now I am rising,
And I don’t plan to stop.
So clear the horizon,
Or I will go pop!
I will show the world
I’m not a sidekick.
Clear the throne,
Or I’m taking it-quick!
This is where we are we are now,
If you finally see,
We were once,
But not now meant to be.
I’m not just a camera,
With only eyes for you.
You must understand,
I matter too!
I’m not a court jester,
The queen can say “phew!”
I’m the new queen because
I matter too.
I’m not telling you
to change.
Just to grow,
It’s not that strange.
You’ve been my best friend,
Through the highs and the lows,
After all this,
You’ve got something to show.
I matter too,
I think you now understand,
I’ll definitely need
A loving helping hand
So we ride off into the sunset,
No regrets!
We all matter too,
We just don’t know it yet!

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Year 4 Winner of GDST Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize